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The snap envied around the world

The "SX" 2-prong fastenening system is one of the most sought after snap fasteners on the market. Originally developed to eliminate the need to prepunch holes in leather boots before attaching buttons, the "SX" 2-prong fastening system soon became the product of choice in America's growing apparel industry.

The "SX" 2-prong advantage

Fastening Products Group
SP Plastic
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Nonconductive Trim Package
  • Made in the USA
  • Non-corrosive
  • Light weight
  • UV resistant material
  • Compatible with conventional snaps
  • Quiet! No rattle
  • 100% pigmented plastic
  • Multiple Colors
SX 2-Prong
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Military Trim Package

With over a century of proven durability, YKK is proud to offer our revolutionary "SX" 2-prong fastening system to the Military.

Sofix® Tape
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Nonconductive Trim Package
  • Snap molded into tape
  • Reduces labor & equipment
  • Multiple Colors
  • Multiple spacing available
  • Available in rolls
Stainless Steel
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Marine Trim Package
  • Strongest lateral sheer in the industry
  • Self-piercing
  • Custom logos available
  • Available in black stainless
  • Available in rolls
SNAD® Adhesively Attached Snap
Ask about YKK's
Marine Trim Package
  • No damage to substrate
  • No tools required for installation
  • Misplacements easily corrected
  • Conforms to non-slip deck
  • Compatible with conventional snaps
  • Adheres to curved surfaces
  • Multiple sizes available
  • Multiple colors available
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