YKK Snap Fasteners understands our reputation is built on quality products and outstanding service.  Our customers remain loyal because we go beyond just selling hardware: we work in a spirit of partnership with customers and other suppliers to ensure safe and secure attachments.  Our innovative approach to our products and services distinguishes us from traditional fastener suppliers.  
Through our YSAP (YKK Secure Attaching Process) program, we review applications before recommending hardware.  During this process, we often offer suggestions about how the application may be modified to reduce the potential for issues in actual production.
We also offer attaching solutions which can reduce customers’ operating costs while providing safe and secure attachments.  If your product requires hardware attached to a strap, tab, or tape, we can provide the finished item for you.  By using this service, customers can be assured the attachments are made to the proper specifications while ensuring strength and full functionality.
Finally, YKK Field Technical Centers enable localized access to YKK design, testing, quality control, and other development, assessment, and modification processes, tools, and services.

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