Q1: What type of products does YKK Snap Fasteners America offer?
A YKK Snap Fasteners America manufactures a variety of fastener products used on a wide range of applications. These include apparel, industrial, medical, automotive, marine and military garments, equipment and accessories. For more detail on specific items please click here.To find the best fastener for you needs, please contact us.
Q2: What types of finishes are available?
A Decorative finishes are commonly provided and are produced by a number of processes including electroplating and paint. Vintage or custom designed finishes can be tailored to meet the customers requirements.
Q3: What about custom shapes and finishes?
A YKK Snap Fasteners America provides a standard collection of shapes and finishes but routinely develops new shapes and finishes to meet the creative demands of the apparel market.
Q4: Can you create a custom fastening solution?
A Our engineering and development teams will work with customers to develop a fastening solution to meet new or special requirements.
Q5: Do YKK snap fasteners contain lead?
Most metals are constituted from a variety of elements and contain a certain percentage of lead. YKK uses only CPSIA-compliant  metals that possess less than 90 ppm lead.
Q6: How do I attach your products?
A We offer have custom dies available for each product that we supply.  We also offer various equipment to attach our products.  For more information about the machines we supply please click here.   
Q7: Where does YKK Snap Fasteners America make their fasteners?
Our corporate office and manufacturing base is located in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. We also have manufacturing and distribution facilities located in Mexico.
Q8: How do I become a customer of YKK Snap Fasteners America?
A If you are a small to medium sized manufacturer, you can work with us through our direct sales office. If you are a mass manufacturer, you can work with us through one of our local sales account managers.  For more information, please contact us.  
Q9: What if my production is not in the United States?
A You can still purchase our products if you production is not in the United States.  We have a fast network of local offices that you can work with.  For more details please contact us.
Q10. What type of certification does YKK Snap Fasteners America have?
A We are ISO 14001, 9000 & 9001 certified.  We also have Oeko-Tex and UL Registration for NFPA on selected items.

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