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YKK Snap Fasteners America Catalog

Our catalog is made up of two parts, a section concerning products used in apparel applications, and a section concerning products used in industrial applications. There is some overlap between products suitable for the two types of application.

We have a very broad product line. There are thousands of active finishes. Most of our products have proprietary logos on them. This makes it impossible to show a complete catalog of all of our products in all of our finishes to the public. If you have any questions about our products or their applications, please contact us.

To help you understand possible uses of our products, we employ the following legend:

= Apparel
= Marine
= Military
= Automotive
= Industrial


Snapet® Snap System
Hook and Eye
Attaching Machines


Snapet® Snap System
SG Snaps, 2-Part Rivets and Washer Eyelet
Tab Fasteners and Turn Buttons
Added Value
Attaching Machines
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