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YKK (U.S.A.) Inc.'s Attaching Machines

Save time and money with genuine YKK® attaching machines, designed specifically for YKK (U.S.A.) Inc.'s products.


Picture of Pres-N-Snap

Hand held fastener-attaching pliers for light-duty assembly and field repairs.

Pres-N-Snap® is a registered trademark of Hoover Products, San Jacinto, CA.

FP Series Foot Press

Picture of FP Series Foot Press Machine

The FP Foot Press is available in manual or pneumatic style, and is used for low-volume production or in-house repairs. Using a 3/8" diameter shank die-set, these presses are suitable for attaching most YKK® snap hardware.

Model II Fully Automatic

Picture of Model II Fully Automatic Attaching Machine

The Model II machine is the proven workhorse of the industry. The Model II is versatile with unprecedented reliability for attaching YKK® snaps and associated hardware.


Picture of WB200 Attaching Machine

Developed to automatically attach lightweight plastic snaps, the WB machine is compact and reliable. The WB200 is used for attaching all plastic snaps to a range of applications.

* "YKK" and the combined mark of "YKK Little Parts. Big Difference." are registered trademarks of YKK CORPORATION in Japan and other countries/regions.