Founded in 1895, for more than one hundred years Universal Fasteners was a cornerstone of America’s apparel fasteners manufacturing base. In 1987, YKK, the world’s foremost fastening manufacturer, joined forces with us to create an even stronger company. The result is today’s YKK Snap Fasteners America Inc. (YKK Snap Fasteners). Our manufacturing capacity has doubled, and we’ve undergone expansions in all technology and service areas.


As a member of the global YKK Snap and Button Group and YKK Fastening Products Group, our association with sister companies around the world has created the largest network of fastener and trim manufacturers anywhere. We are capable, ready, and willing to support your requirements with quality products, fashionable designs, technically advanced attaching equipment, competitive pricing, and personalized service.


At YKK, service, quality, technology, and innovation are key to maintaining a level of service unsurpassed by anyone.

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